Stop swiping.
Start mingling.

We all know the drill. Phony, sketchy and boring profiles. Endless “hey” messages. Connections that just don’t go anywhere.

What if there was a way to connect with real people with a shared passion for the same stuff you love?

Music, sports, parties, food, travel and more…

Meet TicketMingle.

Where fun, genuine people get together to go out to exclusive, exciting events.

Get offline quicker and go get out there.


How it works



Install the app. Build your profile with likes and interests in real life events. Don’t forget a great picture!



Discover exclusive events and connect with other Minglers. You can like events, chat with other Minglers, purchase pairs of tickets, and offer or request tickets to the show!



Get matched, get your tickets and get out there!


Connected by passion.
Powered by TicketMingle.

TicketMingle, currently in Beta testing in Santa Barbara County, is an app designed to do something no other dating or social app has done well: make meeting real people who love the same things you love, simpler.

TicketMingle was born out of a desire to connect people in a way that is truly compatible. Aiming to solve a real problem that is felt but not addressed in the digital dating world: the lack of a genuine connection.

Whether you are looking for a relationship, a first date or just meeting someone new - it should be fun, safe and energizing. Our mission is to connect people to events and similar interests- creating authentic connections that matter- focusing on true compatibility.

So stop aimlessly swiping and wasting time and energy on missed connections. Find real people with genuine taste-based compatibility and meet up with them in the real world. At an event you both love. Start mingling!


Ready for a refreshing way to meet new people and go to fun events?

  • Tired of wasting time & money on dating apps?

  • Frustrated with trying to figure out what to do on a first date?

  • Wish you could meet people and be yourself while enjoying the things you love?

We get it. The frustrations of online dating and meeting new people online are endless.

We want to make it fun again to meet others! With access to exclusive + fun events, in a safe & secure way…

Don’t settle for boring dating apps and so-so dates. Build the exciting, genuine and rewarding social life you deserve.


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